8 Benefits of Artisan Tiles

8 Benefits of Artisan Tiles

What are some benefits of artisan tiles?

  1. They are durable and long-lasting.
  2. They come in many beautiful, intricate designs.
  3. They are proudly Filipino-made.
  4. They can be customized according to your preference.
  5. They are easy to clean.
  6. They keep your home cool.
  7. They are versatile.
  8. They are eco-friendly and practical.

Here at Machuca, we take pride in our handmade artisan tiles. More than just products to sell, each tile from Machuca has a century’s worth of history, a meticulous crafting process, and a hardworking artisan behind it.

In addition to these characteristics, our Machuca tiles have several other benefits that make them perfect additions to your home or establishment. Here’s why you should invest in our tiles today.

They are durable and long-lasting

Cement tiles can withstand a lot of use, which makes them great for areas with a lot of foot traffic. They don’t get stained or scratched easily since they have very hard-wearing surfaces. As long as you keep them in good condition with regular maintenance, you’ll have tiles that stand the test of time.

They come in many beautiful, intricate designs

They come in many beautiful, intricate designs

If you haven’t browsed our catalog of patterned square tiles yet, you should know it’s full of intricate and polished tiles that suit any aesthetic—from floral to geometric, Mediterranean to black and white—as well as our well-loved classics that have added flair to some of the most beautiful buildings in the country.

Besides being durable and hard-wearing, these tiles are planned exclusively by Machuca’s expert designers down to each eye-catching detail.

They are proudly Filipino-made

They are proudly Filipino-made

Machuca is and has always been proudly Filipino. With over 120 years of expert craftsmanship from some of the country’s finest artisans, we are the pioneer of handmade cement tiles and have since become the best brand of tiles in the Philippines.

Our artisans are trained in the century-old techniques of molding, pouring, and pressing our signature tiles to perfection, making each one a bespoke masterpiece.

They can be customized according to your preference

That’s right—we allow customizations! We allow our customers to set the color scheme of our tiles according to their preference, and even to suggest tile designs they’d like us to craft for them.

While many of our clients have been satisfied with the designs and colors we offer, others have always wanted to see a Machuca tile designed in their style, and we’re always happy to accommodate them as much as we can.

They are easy to clean

They are easy to clean

As long as cement tiles are installed properly, you can rest assured that they will be easy to clean and care for. Unlike other flooring options like wood or stone, they don’t need to be maintained as often and can be cleaned with a simple mopping and occasional polishing, or reapplication of floor wax.

They keep your home cool

Did you know that cement tiles can insulate your home?

If you’ve ever held a cement tile, you know they’re very cool to the touch. That’s because they have a high thermal mass, which means they hold their temperature well. With a cement tile floor or wall, your home can stay cooler in the summer months, not to mention you’ll save up on some electricity costs by not using the air conditioner as much.

They are versatile

They are versatile

Gone are the days when patterned tiles were exclusively for floors. Modern-day architects and interior designers have used patterned tiles in walls, stairs, fixtures, and even in art! Best of all, with the wide array of possible designs and colors, patterned tiles can be installed in any room of the house—and even semi-outdoor spaces like patios, lanais, and porches.

They are eco-friendly and practical

To make a Machuca tile, you need something other than the practiced hands of a cement tile expert—you need high-quality materials that don’t lose their durability, strength, or beauty over time.

Fortunately, the process we follow at Machuca isn’t just good for the resulting tile; it’s also good for the environment. We do our best to use natural materials and our tile-making process has a limited environmental impact. In fact, none of our tiles go to waste! Tiles that don’t pass our quality control are either moved to our discounted tile section or are crushed into sand and recycled back into production. We also constantly search for better and more eco-friendly ways to refine our craft without losing the quality of our tiles.

Key Takeaway

At Machuca Tile, we value the craftsmanship behind our tiles without sacrificing or scrimping on durability, design, and long-lasting quality. Our artisan tiles speak for themselves—they’re made to last a lifetime and keep your home looking beautiful, bespoke, and one-of-a-kind through the years.

Contact us today for a quote on our iconic Machuca tiles for your next project! You can also check out our blog for styling ideas using our tiles in any room of the house. Have fun!