Tile Catalog

Patterned Square Tiles

From the intricate designs and striking colors of our original 1903 Spanish Tiles to the bold lines and patterns of our Geometric Collection, our Square tiles offer clients access to timeless elegance.

Hexagon Tiles

Our Hexagon tiles marry tradition with modern sensibility, expanding beyond the limits of four-sided tiles. Clients who opt to design with hexagonal tiles find themselves rewarded with new opportunities for design and expression.

Tile Risers

Our handcrafted tile Risers convert your structure’s stairs into extensions of your personality and design ethic. When installed, they offer residents and visitors a small piece of art with every step.

Terrazzo Tiles

Our Terrazzo collection features some of the most complex and most durable tiles that we have to offer. Marble stones are mixed into a cement binder to produce this unmistakable type of tile.

Our Terrazzo products are made to order, so you can choose your preferred background color and preferred density of the stones packed within.

Embossed Tiles

Our Embossed Tile collection is a carefully crafted selection of textured tiles that provide character and versatility – able to exude subtle or eye-catching elegance. The perfect accent to your wall space.

Best Sellers

We’ve curated a select handful of our most popular cement tile patterns, all of which represent the best of Machuca ingenuity. Have a look at these standout designs on our Best Sellers page.

In-Stock Collection

This collection features a carefully selected set of 13 cement tile designs, which we keep in-stock and ready to deliver at a moment’s notice. These represent a mix of some of our top selling patterns, as well as timeless and highly versatile designs.

Plain Square Tiles

Our plain square tiles come in all the colors you can imagine. Choose from our selection of classic neutrals, soft pastels, vibrant hues – or customize your own. Simple yet versatile – our plain tiles can be used as borders, accents, or entirely on their own.

Brick Tiles

From walls to walkways, our brick tiles have become a staple in plenty of homes and establishments all over the country. Customizable in any color and layout of your preference – stacked, herringbone, basketweave, and more.

Driveway & Garage Tiles

Our driveway and garage tiles come in different styles and colors – also customizable to easily match your taste. These tiles are characterized by their grooves, robust quality, and non-slip finish.

Discounted Tiles

Featured in this collection are our seconds and overruns at discounted rates. These tiles may exhibit imperfections and color variations, but will always carry the Machuca Tile charm.

Miscellaneous Offerings

At Machuca Tile, we like to take our skills and talents beyond cement tile manufacturing. Browse our collection of miscellaneous offerings to see how we apply our brand of artisanal quality to non-tile products.