Machuca Tile: the Best Cement Tile Manufacturer in the Philippines

Machuca Tile: the Best Cement Tile Manufacturer in the Philippines

What makes Machuca Tile the best cement tile manufacturer in the Philippines?

  1. High-quality concrete
  2. Vibrant color pigmentation
  3. Expert attention to detail
  4. Artisanal process
  5. Proudly Filipino made
  6. Eco-friendly materials and process

At Machuca Tile, we take pride in the work of our artisans, designers, and craftspeople. We can call ourselves the best brand of tiles in the Philippines thanks to all of them. But that’s not the only thing that puts us in the running for the title of best cement tile manufacturer in the country. Through our many years of experience and with the expertise of our artisans, we have amassed several skills and other factors that make us truly world-class.

In this article, we discuss those factors to inform you, our dear readers, about why you should opt for our tiles when planning your house, building, or establishment. Read on to know why Machuca is your best choice.

High-Quality Concrete

At Machuca, we use high-quality cement to make our tiles, ensuring a seamless and durable composition that lasts for decades. Because of this, our tiles require little maintenance, retain heat and thermal energy to keep your house cool, offer acoustic insulation, and are fire-resistant, among other beneficial qualities. Best of all, they are durable and easy to install, making them ideal for any kind of building or establishment.

Vibrant Color Pigmentation

Vibrant color pigmentation

We keep our tiles vibrant by using high-quality iron oxide pigments combined with our cement-and-water mixture. That’s the secret behind our tiles’ exquisite and eye-catching colors, and it’s what makes them perfect for any room’s aesthetic.

No matter what style your room is in, you’re sure to find a patterned floor tile that works with it. And we’re not limited to just floors, either—feel free to install our tiles on your walls, or use them for modern staircases!

Expert Attention to Detail

As you might know by now, the creation of each Machuca tile starts with a tile maker hand-pouring pigmented liquid cement into molds. Each of these molds is also made by hand, with our craftspeople bending pieces of steel and soldering the metal joints together.

Now, if you’ll take a look at our catalog of patterned squares, you’ll know that we specialize in tiles that are intricate and full of detail. So you can only imagine the precision and care that go into designing each mold, pouring cement to create each unique pattern, and mixing just the right pigments to achieve the desired colors.

That attention to detail is what makes each of our tiles beautiful and distinctive, perfect for any building you come across!

Artisanal Process

Our process is part of the institution that we have established in the Philippines, and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Over a hundred years of improvement and dedication have gone into the process, and we’re happy to see how it pays off in each tile that leaves our artisans’ stations.

We’re just as proud of the artisans themselves, who are the backbone of our company and all its products. Most of our artisans have been with us for decades, perfecting their craft. Our process, then, is largely dependent on them and leverages their skills and artistry.

Proudly Filipino made

Proudly Filipino made

Another key quality of our artisans is that they are all Filipino, as are our management and owners. We have truly taken the iconic Spanish style of tile making and made it our own. We believe that Filipinos are no less hardworking, creative, or skilled compared to artisans of other countries, and with the right tools and inspiration, they too can make beautiful pieces of art. Case in point—just look at our Machuca tiles.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Process

Over the years, we’ve seen how sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives have gained traction among businesses both locally and globally. Like them, we recognize the need for eco-friendly practices in our business as well as in our production.

Among the improvements we constantly work on to make our process better is the push to make it more eco-friendly as well. For instance, some tiles that do not pass our quality control or excesses from previous orders are sold in seconds for a cheaper rate. On the other hand, tiles that are unfit for reselling are crushed into sand and then repurposed into making new tiles. Our tiles are made using 100% natural materials, they do not contain any harmful chemicals like lead, they are non-flammable and are neither baked nor fried, and they can be recycled completely.

Key Takeaway

At Machuca, we strive to be one of the best cement tile manufacturers in the Philippines by streamlining all our efforts toward improving our process, supporting our artisans, and perfecting each tile to make its way through our doors.

Be part of our long list of happy clients today. Contact Machuca Tile for a quote on the best-patterned cement tiles the Philippines has to offer or visit our showroom to see our masterpieces for yourself!