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Gone are the days when floors went unnoticed by guests when they entered a home. Today, any part of your house can make a statement and spark conversations, including your floor. As the best tile brand, Machuca Tile offers our look into the many floor tile designs in the Philippines!

What are the Best Floor Tiles?

When choosing floor tile designs in the Philippines, you would want tiles that fit the purpose and theme of the room, are well within your budget, and most importantly, stay sturdy under foot traffic. You would want to make the right choice for both the quality and the overall aesthetic of the room and house you’re constructing.

Why Cement Tiles are Best for Indoor or Outdoor Floors

Cement tiles are made up of two layers: a decorative surface and a sturdy base, both of high-quality cement. They are versatile both in design and function, last for decades indoors, and even age beautifully when applied outdoors. They’re durable, all-natural, and completely handmade, making each tile a work of art.

Floor Tile Trends in the Philippines

Just because they’re underfoot doesn’t mean floor tiles have to go unnoticed. In fact, custom-designed floors have become a rising trend in the country over the past few years. Here are some timeless Philippine floor tile designs that never go out of style:


Minimalist or Plain-Colored Tiles

Classic, versatile, and always durable, these tiles are perfect for adding understated elegance and quiet grace to any room. The best part is that they match any theme or color scheme—the color possibilities are endless.

Floor Tiles 6

Geometric Tiles

Clean lines and repeated patterns of shapes characterize these tiles, which go great in rooms like kitchens, living rooms, or bathrooms. Places that multiple guests frequent are good areas to put these in since they’re sure to receive some wanted attention.

Floor Tiles 4

Retro Tiles

Don’t be fooled by the word “retro”—despite the trend starting decades ago, this iconic design scheme doesn’t adhere to any constrictive time frame. You’ll usually find these tiles in traditional or older-style houses, but quite a few modern homes have adopted the beloved style too, giving it a fresh new flair.

Floor Tiles 3

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is a composite material that incorporates marble chips into cement. The beauty of terrazzo tiles is that they’re not quite traditional yet not quite modern, finding that happy medium between old-school and surprisingly fresh.

Floor Tiles 1

Bright-Colored Tiles

At Machuca Tile, we believe that floors don’t have to be boring. What could be more eye-catching and conversational than a bright floor? The best part is that this is a rising trend that has been gaining popularity over the last decade, with many establishments opting for shades that pop.

Floor Tiles 2

Nature-Inspired Tiles

All-natural never goes out of style. Plain or printed tiles in shades of green, wooden-finish tiles, floral tiles, and all-natural stone tiles — they’re all timeless pieces that will bring beauty, sophistication, and finesse to your home, just like Mother Nature intended!

One-of-a-Kind Floor Designs

Use standing tiles as conversation pieces

As mentioned, cement tiles are great because they work indoors and also outdoors for clients who prefer an aged finish. When choosing floor tile designs in the Philippines, you want to remember that a floor is never just something for people to step on. It’s also a space for you to add some creativity and artistic flair to your home or business.

Why Machuca Tile is the Best Floor Tile Provider in the Philippines​

Machuca Tile is lauded as the first and largest manufacturer of cement tiles in the country. Our acclaim is largely due to the dedication and artistry we put into each and every tile that falls into our crafters’ hands. 

We’ve been in the business for a long time, and we’ve spent that time constantly refining our craft and redefining the industry. Be a part of history when you purchase your own Philippine floor tile designs from Machuca Tile today!

Make Your Floor a Conversation Starter—Get a Custom Tile Design from Machuca Tile!

Machuca Tile, the leading manufacturer and supplier of designed floor tiles in the Philippines, has a wide array of styles fit for any home. Send us a message to discuss your home or business’s design, view some tiles, and get a quote today!