8 Unique Patterned Floor Tiles for Restaurants and Cafes

8 Unique Patterned Floor Tiles for Restaurants and Cafes

What are some unique patterned floor tiles for restaurants and cafes?

  1. Geometric patterns
  2. Alternating colors
  3. Intricate details
  4. Understated minimalism
  5. Monochromatic 

Restaurant and cafe owners are always looking for ways for their restaurants to pop and stand out from the rest. From marketing strategies to renovations, they consider all things for their unique space. For a unique twist, why not install patterned floor tiles? Here at Machuca Tile, we’ve rounded up some unique patterns for you to consider. Keep reading to learn more!

Geometric Patterns

Geometric tiles never go out of style because they’re effortlessly simple and there’s a combination of shapes and colors that will match just about any aesthetic.

If you want clean-cut lines and uniform shapes, geometric tiles are the ones for you. Just look at how the optical illusion-like Tile 004 brings together the colors of Single Origin Osteria. Its shades of brown perfectly match the colors of the furniture and decor, making for a seamless and well-balanced picture.

On the other hand, see what a difference Tile 078 makes in the BCN by Las Flores restaurant at Okada Manila in the second photo above. This pattern breaks the monotony and diverts from the brown color scheme by adding a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic design.

Either way, the geometric tiles have worked perfectly to enhance the beauty of the rooms above. Find your favorite shapes and lines to spruce up your restaurant or cafe in our Geometric Collection.

Alternating colors

Having a hard time mix-and-matching colors? No need to stress! In a previous article, we discussed some tips for choosing the color scheme of your tiles. You can check that out, or you can go with the tried and tested: colors with either warm or cold tones. For reference, warm colors are reds, yellows, and oranges, while cold colors are blues, greens, and purples. Easy enough to remember, right?

Take a look at how Tile 160 beautifully brings the floor of Mrs. Saldo’s in Cavite to life in the photo above, taken by Mr. Anton Ortigas (@movingstills on Instagram). It’s a pretty simple geometric tile, in fact—just a few shades of cool colors—but see how effectively it contrasts with the predominantly warm-hued Tile 023 wall tiles. A clash, but a beautiful one!

Intricate Details

At Machuca Tile, we pride ourselves on our intricately-designed tiles not just because they look so beautiful, but because we know exactly how much effort goes into each handcrafted piece. Imagine the long hours put into creating the molds for such detailed designs, and you’ll have an idea of what we mean.

Don’t hesitate to use our most detailed and beautiful tiles to your advantage! Pair them with simple decor, and allow your floor to speak for itself. Such is the way of the designers for the rooms above. The photo above is a beautiful project put together by Architect Lara Fernandez Barrios of Larawan Ink at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery BGC. It boasts our beloved Tile 103 in a custom color scheme that matches their interior design. With a color scheme like that, doesn’t the design almost remind you of expertly-crafted bread rolls fresh from the oven? Just perfect for a bakery, we think!

You might recognize the iconic Machuca Tiles at Antonio’s, Tagaytay—they’ve been there for over 20 years, after all, and remains one of our most special projects to date! In this photo by @hello.chels on Instagram, you can see how the floor makes the room what it is: intricate, grand, and larger-than-life!

Understated minimalism

We take pride in our intricate tiles, but there’s also a special place in our hearts for our simpler, straightforward tiles. (We even have plain tiles in our collection, handcrafted with the same quality Machuca is known for.)

For example, we’re sure you’ve been to at least one Mary Grace branch in the past. Have you ever looked at their floor tiles? Yup, that’s Tile 169, one of our less flashy but no less beautiful tiles. You might even say it’s the simplicity of this tile that makes it stand out. Just see how it all adds to Mary Grace’s cozy and homey ambiance. 


Finally, we may love it when our tiles make a statement and set themselves apart from the rest of the room, but we also love when our tiles just fit in and merge seamlessly with the design, just as though they were meant to be there. The two projects are prime examples of this.

Hirsch Bedner Associates requested the custom floor tile for Casa Buenas which you see in the first photo above. We hope you’ll agree that it matches the place’s antique style and even somewhat resembles screen windows, just like the floor-to-ceiling doorways that give the place its charm.

And in the second photo, see how Tile 115 in a custom green shade perfectly matches the lush, vibrant aesthetic that La Picara Manila has going on. The leafy design even brings out the live plants and all-natural wicker decor of the place!

Key Takeaway

As you can see, there are many patterns you can try for restaurant or cafe floor tiles that will make your space look even better. When you do, we hope you won’t hesitate to contact the leading supplier for floor tile designs in the Philippines, Machuca! Contact us today for a quote.