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Drawing inspiration from Greek, Mexican, Spanish, French, Italian, and even from the Dutch and Portuguese, Mediterranean tiles have a worldly appeal to them. They’re a fabulous way of elevating your design and instilling an artistic feel in your space.

Interested in the character, colors, and patterns these tiles offer in your home or business? Then take a look at Machuca Tile’s range of Mediterranean tiles for sale.

Drawing on our expertise and heritage, our collection of tiles can turn your home from plain to elegant, rustic, and strikingly beautiful.

What are Mediterranean Tiles?

As its name suggests, the beauty of the Mediterranean — the fresh breeze, bright sun, and vibrant and pastoral feel of the countryside — take center stage in this style of tile. But let’s delve a little deeper.

Mediterranean tiles are a mixture of the simple and romantic aesthetics of many southern European countries — with heavy influence from the Spanish and French. They come in a wide selection of patterns, colors, and designs.

From bright to dark hues. Neutral to pastel tones. Floral, stripes, and geometric shapes. Indeed, Mediterranean tiles are both versatile and classic.

There’s also a sea of intricate delicate and bold tile designs and styles that work well in any area. That’s why our Mediterranean tiles for sale will never go out of style.

What are the Timeless Features of Mediterranean Tiles?

Welcoming and serene. Rustic and full of character. Spirited, bold, sun-drenched. The diversity of the Mediterranean style and its ability to create different ambiances is possible because of their unique characteristics, such as:

Baroque-esque Designs

Baroque — the era of drama and rich contrast — is a great way to describe the design of our Mediterranean tiles for sale. Amongst our wide collection, you’ll see several highly-patterned features, rustic engravings, delicate shapes and strokes, and bold colors.

Our Mediterranean collection is full of complex baroque designs, granting them the ability to create visual drama for your home or establishment.

Flower-Patterned And Geometric Motifs

Whether you opt for a natural floral pattern or a striking geometric one, these tiles will draw the eye and give the room purpose. They are aesthetically appealing and versatile, and instill a sense of cheerfulness and beauty in whatever room they are installed in.

Relaxing And Spirited Shades

For many of our clients, the relaxing and spirited colors used are their favorite aspect of our Mediterranean tiles for sale. Imagine walls and floors filled with blue-greens of the ocean to the yellows and golden tones of the sun — it quite simply has a wonderfully natural appeal.

Unique Designs

Mediterranean tiles are unique in that they can evoke intricate, striking, or even subtle styles if you prefer. They can be laid as your primary tile to brighten up your space, or used sparingly to accentuate other parts of your home or establishment.

In our projects, we manufacture stunning, custom-made Mediterranean tiles with varying textures and colors. We provide a wide variety of colors, motifs, and flourishes to create tiles that are either bold or soft to the eyes. 

We also give our clients the freedom to come up with their own combinations — even entirely new patterns that follow their artistic vision.

Why Get Mediterranean Tiles from Machuca Tile?

Mediterranean tiles, with their versatility, warmth, and beauty, may perhaps just be the tile you’re looking for. 

Whether you’re interested in subtle, natural designs, or something bright and eye-catching, Machuca Tile offers the best Mediterranean tiles for sale. Our decades of experience, talented craftsmen, and artistic prowess provide give our creations with the following advantages: 

Unmatched Durability

Our carefully handcrafted cement tiles offer unmatched longevity and durability, in comparison to ceramic tiles. Given proper care, they can last a lifetime. 

When you buy our Mediterranean tiles for sale, you’re investing in art that will remain beautiful for years to come.

Spectacular Versatility

Our Mediterranean tiles for sale can be manufactured in different sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes to accommodate any design idea — making us the most versatile tile maker you can work with.

Ages Gracefully

These tiles aren’t just durable and aesthetically timeless, they also age like fine wine. With the passage of time and exposure to the elements, our tiles acquire a softer look, subtle color changes, and a character — a patina that is built from all the effects, natural and man-made. This creates a true, long-lasting beauty.

Our Previous Work with Mediterranean Tiles

Machuca Tile has worked with countless clients to bring their southern European-inspired designs to life.

Happy Nest in the Tropics

Happy Nest in the Tropics

To help her fulfill her dream of having a home full of eclectic, colorful, and tropical design, we provided our Mediterranean tiles to Bernadette Lim, owner of the Happy Nest in the Tropics.

Casa Buenas

Casa Buenas

Our Mediterranean tiles for sale were the finishing touch that the Comedor, or “dining room” in Casa Buenas needed to create that seamless blend of traditional and modern beauty for their guests. This tile design was custom-made for their establishment, and is exclusive to Casa Buenas.

Souv by Cyma

Souv by Cyma

As their restaurant follows a modern Greek concept, our tiles were the best design choice for the tables, counters, and walls of Souv and Cyma.

Ms. Maribel Legaspi’s Residence

Ms. Maribel Legaspi’s Residence

Set in a custom color, this design blended seamlessly into the rustic aesthetic that this home was looking to create. Mediterranean-style tiles, as you can see, go well with light and warm tones of wood and brick, and the vibrant greens of nature.

To help her fulfill her dream of having a home full of eclectic, colorful, and tropical design, we provided our Mediterranean tiles to Bernadette Lim, owner of the Happy Nest in the Tropics.

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