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If you’re thinking of vamping up your space, look no further than the stairs to make a statement. While you might consider adding runners or replacing your rails, we suggest adding tile.

They’re already a proven star in kitchen backsplashes and foyer flooring for their beautiful form and function — so why not adorn your stairs with tiles to create the same effect for this space?

What are the Best Tiles for Stairs?

What are the Best Tiles for Stairs?

In businesses, hotels, and even in your own home, staircases are one of the most frequented areas. And yet, we rarely consider their aesthetics. With the right tiles for stairs in the Philippines from Machuca Tile, you can enhance the look — and safety — of your stairs.

Tile Nosing

You may have noticed that they have an overhang in the spot where the treads meet the risers or the vertical section of the stairs. This overhang is called nosing. 

This tile features a rounded-edged that allows the tile to hide the edge of the flooring and expand the tile’s edge. We pair this with risers to create various color combinations to add a decorative element to the stairs. 

Nosing also helps extend the space where your foot lands. This makes it much safer for those walking up and down the steps.

Tile Risers

The vertical portion of a staircase is referred to as the riser, which is located just below the steps. Machuca Tile incorporates decorative elements to our tile risers, providing an aesthetically pleasing way to elevate your entryway, or give your hallway a fresh new look.

Tread Tiles

Tread tiles are what their name implies — the pieces that you tread on as you use a staircase. Though you might think tiles may not suit this high foot traffic area, our tread tiles are beautiful and hardy! They’re the perfect material for you if you want to extend your design ethic to each step of your staircase.

Stair Riser and Nosing Designs Perfect for Any Staircase

Machuca Tile helps its clients turn their staircases into works of art. Our wide selection of tiles for stairs in the Philippines features decorative risers and colorful nosing tiles. These designs help us provide clients with the materials they need to to add personality and depth to this area, and create beautiful and eye-catching stairways.

A Unique Pattern in Every Step

Stair risers allow designers to play around with bright and vibrant tile designs like those at Machuca Tile. Our collection is filled with various tiles with unique patterns to show off the brand or personality of a space. 

These designs can be unique at every step. Our catalog at Machuca Tile has a variety of styles from geometric tiles to Mediterranean patterns. Staircases can alternate between a few patterns or even have a unique style on every step of the staircase.

A Monochromatic Finish

For establishments or homes that sport a clean and crisp look, the tiles for stairs can also showcase a monochromatic look. It can be as simple as an all-black or white riser and tile nosing. It can also be a combination of a sleek black-and-white riser with a black nosing tile.

Playing with Diagonal Patterns

At Machuca Tile, we offer our clients a variety of styles with intricate geometric patterns, which they can use to create a dynamic design. To finish — and not take the spotlight away from these eye-catching tiles — the staircase can have a single colored nosing tile.

Border Tiles for Risers

Statements are made when you use materials in a new way. This can be done on staircases, as well. Instead of using risers, you also have the option to play around with border tiles for your center design, or as a standalone accent border.

Why Should Machuca Tile be your Source of Tiles for Stairs in the Philippines?

Staircases are a large and very visible part of homes and establishments. On their own, they create a grand statement, but with the decorative elements added, it can make an ever grander one. 

These can only be done right by skilled craftsmen like us here at Machuca Tile. We create uniquely crafted tiles for stairs in the Philippines that stand the test of time.

Custom & Hand-crafted Tiles by Filipino Artisans

Every Machuca Tile product is carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted. Our team of expert Filipino tile makers follows a century-old technique to create masterpieces in each tile. All tiles are molded, poured, and pressed to perfection by our tile artisans.

A Century’s Worth of Experience

Since its establishment in 1903, Machuca Tile has been known as the pioneer in handmade cement tiles in the country. The family-owned business is already its 4th generation and continues to create the same high-quality decorative cement tiles

Work with the Best Craftsmen of Tiles for Stairs in the Philippines — Machuca Tile!

Transform this overlooked space into an extension of your design with Machuca Tile’s handmade pieces of art. As the best manufacturers of tiles for stairs in the Philippines, we provide products with timeless designs and elegance. Send us a message here to learn more about what our tiles can do for your home or business.